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Message from Alan Henderson-Smith, Captain 2020 & 2021

I joined Girton Golf Club in 2011 as it just felt right, friendly, modern, open and welcoming to new members. Over the course of the past 9 years it has proven to be a great decision and my instincts were spot on, as it has shown to be all of those things. What I did not know at that stage was just how progressive the club would prove to be with real investment in the course and club house facilities, and an egalitarian approach to membership. Being a members club there is no money going out in the form of profits, all surpluses have been put back into enhancing the look and feel of our course and providing great catering and bar facilities for members, societies and visitors.

As I look forward to the coming year I would like to see us all having fun. Enjoying our golf, the companionship of our fellow members, the adrenalin rush of competitions and the well being generated by being outside in lovely countryside exercising our body and mind. Whilst it is not everyone's cup of tea, I do also enjoy the social events we run throughout the year, and really like seeing the cross section of playing and social members that come along to enjoy themselves. Girton Golf Club is becoming a social centre of Girton village and the surrounding area for all ages, which is something that delights me from Quiz Nights to Breakfast Clubs and Junior Coaching to Seniors Roll Ups - people coming to our club to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

So my theme for this year is have fun, and "if it ain't fun, don't do it".

That was my message in what was meant to be my only year as Club Captain at Girton Golf Club, but events in 2020 have meant that I have been honoured to be asked to perform the role for a second year. In 2021 I hope that the awful pandemic that has struck the world, country, neighbourhood and our small corner will have eased past us and we can achieve what I asked for in 2020. A year of fun, competition, social awareness and health. I hope to see our new PGA Head Professional Sam Beckett settling in and the creation of new Academies for both Juniors and Adults as our membership expands amongst the growing popularity of golf.

Let's hope for a much better year in 2021 and remember it is meant to be fun, let's make it so.